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Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Men's Mountain Bikes

This is the right bike choice to head for the hills, or off-road. Mountain bikes are built with tough frames, giving strong handling complete with suspension to increase comfort over bumpy terrain. Mountain Bikes have different categories often referred to as disciplines as some enthusiasts prefer to say. If you come across the symbol (XC) this is an abbreviation for cross country, letting you know that this category of mountain bike is suitable for cross country bike rides and trail bike rides.


This mountain bike is for a more technical ride for the mountain biker who likes to mix up things a little. This rider will enjoy jumps and big drops. You will often see them performing similar skills to that of a BMX rider at the bottom of trails skate parks and adventure circuits. These ENDURO bikes are the muscle bikes of mountain biking. They usually come with rear back suspension and much thicker tyres. Basically they are turbo charged BMX bikes with a heavy injection of growth hormone. One bike choice for the thrill seeker adrelanian Junkies.

DOWNHILL Mountain Bikes

Downhill riding as the term suggests, start high at the top of the mountain hill, normally taken to the top, gives you time to prepare mentally as you will need all your concentration for the descend down. You will encounter many bumps and jumps on this ride, protective Mountain bike clothing will certainly have to be worn even for the most competent downhill riders. Downhill mountain bikes have frame with a sloping top tube frame. Downhill bikes will have thick tyres for extra grip. They come with many gears as downhill mountain biking is a racing sport.

We often get asked which is the best mountain bike for urban roads and everyday commute. This is because the rugged looks of a mountain bike appeals in taste to these everyday bike riders. Mountain bikes look and are prepared to tackle all British weather. Our answer to the above "which are the best mountain bikes for everyday" our answers is the one which is most suitable. So give us a call with your cycle needs and our friendly ridelow staff will hopefully guide you to making the right decision. Normally for everyday mountain biking on our British roads you would go for a hard tail (no rear suspension) mechanical disc breaks. Front fork suspension on mountain bikes for everyday road use is needed. We have hopefully put together a selection of all the different categories of mountain bikes for you to shop online at here at ridelow.