Kona Lanai 2018If you are considering a mid range mountain bike this Christmas for yourself or a present may we recommend the Kona Lanai 2018 Mountain Bike.
This Kona mountain bike is not only durable but is a bundle of fun to ride. The Kona Lanai 2018 is available for under £550 and remember here at Ridelow you can also make us an offer, but not too cheeky please.
This 29 Inch wheel mountain bike is far superior to other budget brand mountain bikes you can buy from discount bicycle retailers.
The Kona Lanai also comes in a striking sporty yellow colour.
There seems to be a trend to the youth wanting a better quality mountain bike and realising that the cheaper brands don’t last. You need a mountain bike that will tear up the the U.K. roads and see you triumph off road. Kona mountain bikes have been doing this for time now and have done it again with Their Kona 2018 mountain bike range.
Get your new Kona Bikes from Ridelow in Manchester and you will have a Merry Christmas.“Oh what fun it is to ride”.
Ridelow Team