RidelowIf you are not sure about your New Years Resolution then Cycling is a safe bet... maybe you are not the Gym Type and want to jog/run but never seem to be able to find the energy and the excuses are weighing down the positives in the scales of
your mind.

So why is Cycling such a good idea..
Well.......here is Ridelow’s little brain-storming theory.

Most of us get out of the house at some stage so Cycling can become part of your every day life. In the end you will be using
your new bike without even thinking about.

You won’t even realise you are getting healthier while peddling. You will just feel it..

Your relationship with the outside world will seem better and more refreshing. You will be setting an example to others around
 you and help reduce pollution.. it will always bring a smile to your face when sitting in the saddle.

You can decide how much energy to exert on a bicycle as there is no competition......only with yourself.
We even have e-bikes electric bikes for people who may need that extra push and confidence should you need it at any stage.

We also advise people to buy a more expensive bike than they anticipated. The reason being your less likely to
put a £1000 bike down and forget than a £200 bicycle.

So which bike is right for you....not sure ....then give us a call here at Ridelow. We can discuss your needs and guide
you with pleasure....
Merry Christmas and happy riding 2018.

From all the Team at Ridelow x
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