E Bikes are becoming extremely popular with those cyclists that want a motor assisted ride. In essence an ebike is simply a combination of conventional bike with a battery and motor. Manufacturers such as CubeElectra, and Raleigh have been introducing electric bikes into their product mix for a few years now and have adapted the technology to many different types of bike, such as mountain bikes and cruiser bikes.
There could be a number of reasons why an e bike might appeal to you. You may have a significant cargo and need the extra power that an e-bike can provide or you may simply need that additional boost for the daily commute where miles covered can be an issue. Electric Bikes are also increasingly popular with cyclists recovering from injury or illness and those who are looking to build up fitness and confidence.
Our most popular e bikes are featured below. Please take time to browse through our recommended options and to consider an electric bike as your next significant purchase. E-Bikes are available on 0% finance options over 12 months. 
Here at Ridelow we aim to get you the best deal possible. So we have our very own unique way of doing things, we allow you the customer to make us a fair offer on any bike you see. This is Ridelow’s USP unique selling point that has helped thousands of people get the best price possible on their new e-bike we realise this is very helpful as many e-bikes can be quite expensive and usually more expensive than the price you would pay for your everyday bike. Once you decide you want an e-bike if your not sure which is best for you, call us here at Ridelow 0161 834 5788 we love talking bikes and helping you choose the right bike. Or alternatively drop into our Manchester City Centre Store we are open 7 days a week.
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