We know the scenario, you have been searching the Internet and see the bike you want at different prices. Who do you go with?

Our first advice is that you should always go local even if it's a little more expensive. A bricks and mortar store will always be more loving compared to an online heavy weight....plus you always can take your bicycle back for your annual service and issues that they will sort out for you.

If you have a problem from your online bicycle company are you really going to go to the trouble of filling forms and sending your bike back to them, then you will be at their mercy and chasing for your bike rather than have the comfort of picking up the phone and talking to a happy chirpy local bike person. 

Also, you may be liable for postage cost back to your supplier and they will charge you for a bike box, if you have not kept the old bike box. Let's face it, who keeps their old bike box!!?  (not me) and not most of us...hello!!!

So what happens if you have a bricks and mortar store that also does online that have your bike at a great price?

Well you should check their google reviews and make a decision. The chances are if they are a bicycle independent with good reviews they will also treat their on-line bicycle customers with the same respect and be happy for your custom and eager to help with any messages or calls.

This is why Ridelow  bikes have been successful in store and online selling to their thousands of customers through the many years of business.

Ridelow can also source most bikes at a better price than you have probably been offered.

Being a large independent bicycle store in Manchester City Centre that has been trading for over 20 years we have built many contacts throughout Europe with bicycle brand suppliers. We will always go that extra to get you the best price anywhere. We are small, strong and flexible and as long as we make a little bit of profit to keep us going we will pass the savings onto our customers.

So, browse our large selection of bicycles on line and remember if it's a bike brand we don't have, we will still be able to source it in many cases. As long as that bike is still in production and not a vintage bicycle, we will be able to get it for you.

Give us a call or pop into our Manchester City Centre bicycle store or search online www.ridelow.co.uk and put us to the test.

We love a deal just like the next person.

Ride safe 

Ride with love and remember ridelow for your new bike x