Wellbeing Biking RidelowGetting up in the morning ready for a training session or a bike ride may not be in your psyche (no pun intended). People may prefer to train in the evening because of work commitments or the morning school run. If you can just set your mind differently the night before and of course your alarm clock, you could get a cheeky 20-30 minute bike ride in.

The benefits to your mental state for the rest of the day will surly be enhanced. Say you will do it rather than just thinking about it. Your body will probably be saying yes and your mind saying something else. It is very easy to change our thought process once we break a habit or take on a new challenge. This bike ride is not just about your wellness and health, it’s as much to do with re-plumbing your thought process. You will thank yourself once you have done it and you will feel your endorphins dancing around your body.

It may be that you manage to get two training sessions in a day, assuming you train already in the evening. Listen to your own body but ultimately you are in control of your life and decisions. Lifestyle changes are great for your body and mind and ultimately priceless.

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