Kona Supreme OperatorKona 2017 bicycles are now available online and in store at Ridelow Manchester.

We promised you a new improved website with more products added weekly.and we have been after Kona bicycles for a while.

The boss is pleased as he has a soft spot for Kona bicycles (sentimental boy) as one of his first bikes was a Kona and he constantly bores the pants off us with his stories. 

Leaving the boss aside, as we often do, hey it's that type of work space.

Kona bikes was founded in the summer of love initially focussing on Mountain bikes and still making some of the best Mountain bikes available today. Kona have since added road bikes and expanded the range to include titanium bike frames. We will be show casing the full Kona Bike range on our website. The team is working on it right now.

Peace N Love

Ridelow team x