Lapierre Here at Ridelow bikes we often get asked by customers why is that mountain bike so expensive? Often followedby the remark that  'I can buy a car for the same price'.

We have to answer the public and give them an explanation as to why some mountain bikes justify their high price. 

Well picture live and breathe cycling and have always dreamt of owning a Lapierre mountain bike. Ever since you were a child cyclist and you saw the world champions winning on their Lapierre super bikes you wanted to emulate your heroes and the winners. You are now a little older and earning alright money.The bike you have dreamt of all your life is in near reach and about to become a reality. You always wanted the best mountain bike that will traverse all terrains that you ride into and will always be there and ready for you. If you really wanted you could ride to the end of the world and back and the Lapierre bike would probably still be intact. Not to mention that you are buying the best components and technology available on a mountain bike and the lightest and strongest of frames.  

You have also realised that there is finance available interest fee over a twelve month period with monthly payments that you can now afford. Also Ridelow bikes in Manchester have given me the best price available in the world. Your life long dream is happening. "It's a bike thing, really"

Yes you are right. we tell the customer you can buy a car for the same price. That car will come with expenses for as long as it's running. But!!!

Is it the best car available and the car that you have dreamt of owning and does it achieve the goal you set yourself...hmmm?

Plus these beautiful Lapierre Mountain bikes are wonderful on the eye, keep you fit, and are loved by nature. They are "Cycling Art"

Take a closer look at the Lapierre Spicy Team Men's Mountain Bike 2017