If you are into BMX bikes, Dirt Bikes, Jump Bikes, wheelies on your bike and you have not yet heard about Mafia Bikes. Then don’t worry as it’s only a matter before you do. We here at Ridelow think Mafia Bikes are onto something really credible and bang on the price for their Mafia Bike models.

Mafia Bikes understand the street and when I look at their bike colours it resembles a fashion collection that has got the colours of the season bang on trend. There mix of colours and choices will turn heads in any Urban area BMX skate park or a music video.

Take a look at the beautiful monochrome BMX that many companies try and fail, just sublime or the Mafia Bomma Fractal 29 inch Wheelie Bike and The Mafia Medusa Blue Splatter
Both we metallic multicoloured paint jobs and black and neon blue tyres just the look to rave on the streets these bike are under £400 that’s a bargain.

We are going to stand tall and believe in Mafia Bikes if you would like to come and see the selection we always try and keep some in stock at our Manchester City Bike Store in Manchester.

27/29 Church street
M4 1PE
T 0161 834 5788