Ridelow Store ManchesterRidelow from Manchester England has been serving the people (how they like to put it) for over 20 years. In this time they have reached out and pushed the boundaries, in true Mancunian spirit, it is this passion that serves them today just as strongly as it was on the first day of trading.

The owners can be seen engaged in all aspects of the business. You will see them daily on the shop floor doing what they know and enjoy and most importantly engaging with their customers and staff. They describe their operation as small, strong and honest. Their mantra has remained the same, it is simple they say, "If the customers are happy,  we are happy".

Throughout their 20 years of trading they have made many friends in the city of manchester and further afield. Generations of families keep turning up at their city centre store,Ridelow, in the city centre of Manchester. They were instrumental in the rise of the trendy northern quarter of Manchester. They chose their first location in this part of the city because it was visually beautiful and they liked the character of the iconic red brick buildings that was a reminder of the northern powerhouse of a by gone industrial age. At the time, most buildings were under utilised, they liked the hustle and bustle of the Manchester Barrows fruit market on their doorstep.

From the large city centre building, which they now own, they have sold an eclectic mix of goods.....rightly gaining the title of Manchester's favourite alternative store. They first started selling ethnically sourced products from around the world. Then they moved into leisure and action sport goods through various successful retail stores and online. From their city centre store in Manchester they have helped many start up companies get off the ground by providing them space at rental prices that are well below the market rate.

When we ask the founding brothers what inspired them, one of the brothers, George, replied, "Many things. It changes daily".  The other brother, Stephen, says that, "Our Business model has kept changing, evolving, but we are still the same". They certainly must be doing something right for they both look content and are optimistic for the future.