Pashley Brooks 150th Anniversary BikeThis beautiful hand built Pashley Roadster Bicycle is a work of Art. It is an iconic British masterpiece. There is a limited run on these Pashley Bicycles. Pashley cycles and Brooks saddles. the pioneers in leather cycle seats, have collaborated together in celebration of Brooks saddles turning 150.

Both Pashley and Brooks saddles started trading within a stone throw from eachother's fledgling factories. They have remained tight together till this day. Both Pashley and Brooks praise each other for their successes. We think they will be around for ever. Great British designs should never die. Pashley and Brooks saddles are loved all over the world. 

If you are looking for a true British design classic that will appreciate in value and look great on the road or a subtle piece of art then this is the bicycle for you.

We have one available in our Ridelow Store in Manchester. So....come in and see it. The colour and attention to detail is worth a visit and the rose gold detailing on the saddle springs and Brooks hand grips is sublime.  The Pashley Brooks 150th Anniversary is reasonably priced at £895.

We will always look after you on the Bike price at Ridelow Manchester,. Call us on  0161 834 5788 for further details.