FarbgelConcerned about having your bike stolen while cycling?

You have just spent hard earned money on your new bike and fallen in love with it. You have also purchased a good bike lock but you are still concerned that somebody might try and take your bike from you as you are dismounting or even riding.

Well we think we might be able to suggest a deterrent.

It is a UK legal alternative to pepper spray. A small sized can that is able to fit in most pockets.The name of the spray is Farbgel.

Farbgel will give you those crucial seconds to frustrate the attacker and reach safety. Farbgel is legal because it contains no harmful chemicals or irritants that cause any long term damage or breathing problems. Farbgel works by emitting a red substance that becomes concentrated and effervescent on impact. This gel like foaming substance which isvegetable based hits the attackers face causing them to become confused and disorientated thus enabling you to make your get away and report the incident to the police. The good news for the police  is that the assailant is easily recognised as he is the person with the red face. Farbgel is clever because the smart spray acts as a criminal identifier dying the attackers face for up to 4/5 days. The same as smart water works when it's called into action.

So for as little as £10.00 this personal defence spray, called Farbgel could become your next cycling buddy.

You can Purchase Farbgel direct from www.farbgel.com . They claim it is the best selling defence spray ever in the UK. We certainly recommend Farbgel for extra cycling security.

We have not seen anything like it for sale in the UK. Of course should you purchase this defence spray we hope you never have to use it. It just gives you that added confidence and security whilst cycling.

Ride safely 

Ride with love 

Regards from the 

Ridelow Team