Felt Speedway Fat Tyre Bike on Urban RoadsAt first you may think a fat tyre bike is best suited to trails and canal paths in wet muddy weather. Well, you are right a fat tyre bike is best on these terrains.

However, I wanted to try something out by riding a fat tyre bike on the canal paths of Manchester City Centre and continuing my journey on the tarmac of the city to commute to work here at Ridelow in the the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Centre.

Well here is how I got on. I chose a Felt Speedway bike with fat tyres (because i was feeling cool). This Felt bike rode the canal paths of the city as if you I was sitting in the most comfortable lounge chair and was being carried while enjoying the view. The Felt cruiser speedway bike was perfect......simple as that.

Now., as for pushing the bike into the urban roads, att first I had to lift my bike up stairs which made me wary that a cruiser bike of this style feels as heavy as it looks. Again, I was pleasantly surprised, perhaps because I presumed earlier it was going to be a little on the heavy side.

This bike hovered on the city roads as if the roads weremade of cotton wool. As I got a little more confident of the bikes capabilities I was soon going over some of the many smaller pot holes in our city. On another bike I would havecycled with more care when approaching these pot holes.  I was even getting more brazen with every revelation and I started tearing up the pavement curbs. It was climbing the curbs as if the bike was on some supercharged hydraulics.

The one thing i wasn't having much fun with on this Felt speedway was the back pedal coaster brake. Not really a criticism but more ofa design feature that I can't seem to get used to. As I'm a natural mountain bike rider and spend a lot of time out of my saddle while going down-hill and continually put pressure on my pedals for finer balance, it took some getting used to.

I'm not suggesting we should all consider changing our daily commuter bike for a fat tyre bike, but if I lived on a barge-boat or had a route to work via canals it would be my choice.

Perhaps if you are lucky enough to have the money and are thinking of a bike to add to your fleet, then a fat tyre bike would give you a lot of smiles. With its 80mm wide rims and cool appearance this bike will get heads turning. Find out more by clicking on this link

Ride safe


Ridelow Team