The Bike the kids are asking for this Christmas

It may come as a surprise to some parents and maybe many have not even heard of the Brand SE Bikes... with models such as Beast mode... and DJ Ripper.

It’s no surprise to us that these bikes will be on some kids Christmas wish list. These American oversized BMX Bikes have bold colours and a pedigree for racing and stunts. We are not suggesting that kids go out and start practising or perfecting their wheelies but this is a big craze that has come over from America.

We have bad news and good news,

The bad news first.  These bikes don’t come cheap but hey which kids Christmas presents do these days. They start from £250 and range towards £1000.

We always like to finish with good news. We stock the complete range of SE 2019 BMX bikes at our store in Manchester.. If you can’t get in just visit our website where you will see the full range of SE Bikes and you can spread the cost of buying with interest free finance. If you see one your Kid wants you could always make us an offer.

Call us to find out more at Ridelow Manchester City Centre Church Street M4 1PE 0161 834 5788.
We are here to listen and help you make the best choice.
Ridelow Team