The Government has been helping hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy cycling. As we look around we can see improved infrastructure for cyclists. The roads are a safer place for cycling that is for sure. There is still a long way to go to keep up with some of our continental neighbours however.

One great incentive for cycling that the government introduced was a tax incentive. Yes!! I'll say that again....a tax incentive for cyclists. There are a number of these tax saving cycle to work schemes. Ridelow, right in the heart of the city centre of Manchester, has been affiliated with many of these cycle to work schemes and we have helped many people get back into cycling or upgrade to a new bike for their daily commute to work

There is as much as a 42% saving to be made on a cycle to work scheme.

The value of your new bike on these cycle to work schemes can be as much as £1000 including bicycle accessories such as bicycle helmet, bike lights, bike locks and high viz jacket.

If your employer is registered with any of these cycle to work schemes, then it's a no brainer if you are looking for a new bicycle. The government and the employer will benefit as much as you will if you keep fit and healthy. Our planet will breath better also with reduced emissions as peopel gradually swich from the car to the bicycle.

Have a look at our cycle to work page on our Ridelow website. If there is anything we can help you with or you need more advice then just call us. Oh and just before we let you go.....if your employer is not in any of these schemes, you should suggest to them that they should be and get them registered. If you are local then we can always drop by one morning and have a coffee meeting with HR and you to explain the benefits of how it works well for every one.

Keep cycling, keep smiling for 2017.