Kona UTEOne time you would expect to see your lecturer or geeky neighbour riding a touring bike. Today things are a little different in the world of touring bikes. We have GPS now so no longer need to keep checking the road maps. It's true, Touring bikes are now appealing to a younger cyclists more than ever before. 

These cyclists could have been your hipsters who first got into Fixies. Now, they are making a statement that cycling is more a way of life rather than whizzing around town and hanging out in the hippest coffee shops.  It's no longer a fashion statement they want to make while cycling. These people have made a conscious decision to the leave the dread of the high street and find a more peaceful meaningful existence within themselves and nature. It's like having a camper van. I can go anywhere when ever I want, I can take my essentials with me and embrace my freedom.  Maybe we all want a bit of this dream. 

Touring bikes today are much better than they used to be. Touring Bikes are equipped with latest technology and are built to withstand the hardest weathers and terrains. Touring bikes are heavy framed bikes that are made to last and carry your loaded panniers. A touring bike will become part  of you and your travel memories. It's worth spending your money on a good touring bike, it will be with you for many years to come. We have found that Kona's new 2017 range of touring bikes are well worth their price.