Some of the tricks that Bicycle Retailers use to make you think you are getting a good deal.
- Selling you their own brand bicycle with a hearty discount. Some big bike retail chains also have their own brand bikes in store usually under a different name to the store. They will offer you a great deal on these exclusive bikes as the margins are higher than the other brands they stock. They will make the point that they are only available to them also.
- Selling previous year's bikes at full price or offering 30/40 % off. If you walked into a bicycle store the bicycles are usually priced up...although some retailers will not necessary display the year of manufacture in the price details. Customers would assume this is a new bike but in fact it could be a 2 year old bike which should be discounted as suppliers usually sell off their surplus from a previous season's stock at a discount. It is becoming increasingly harder for retail stores to use this trick as people can check prices and information instantly on their mobile devices. So remember to always check online before you buy from a bicycle store. Use the power we have today as consumers to drive a better price.
- Don't feel embarrassed to show the bike store the price on line, they will have to accept the lower price or lose the sale.
- Bicycle Retailers really don't like to lose a sale to on line retailers.