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Pashley Tri-1 Fixed-Gear Adult Folding Tricycle - Unisex - Black, Burgundy, or Turquoise - 15" or 17" Frame
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Pashley Tri-1 Fixed-Gear Adult Folding Tricycle - Unisex - Black, Burgundy, or Turquoise - 15" or 17" Frame


Pashley tricycles are regarded as the pinnacle of classic British tricycles, with the Tri-1 being the latest model. The Tri-1 beatifully blends Pashley's classic 3-wheeled design with modern componets. The ‘fixed gear’ model is designed for simple, worry-free riding. Its short 150mm cranks provide a more natural pedalling action for shorter riders or those with restricted leg movement. The chrome riser handlebars put you in an upright position for the best visibility and comfort and a fully-enclosed chaincase protects you from the moving chain. Add to this the luxury of a sprung gel saddle and the security of pedals with toe-clips and straps, you'll have an unrivalled sense of stability and comfort that only a tricycle can provide. You can also make use of the handy folding frame for easy transportation and storage.

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Frame Sizes: 15" and 17"

Colours: Black, Burgundy or Turquoise.

Gears: Single, low fixed gear.

Frame: Hand-crafted steel folding tricycle frame.

Fork: Unicrown.

Saddle: High-comfort padded design with elastomer springs.

Handlebar: Chromed steel raised handlebar on alloy and stainless steel short-reach stem.

Brakes: Sturmey Archer front hub brake with parking brake.

Wheels: 20" wheels, alloy rims.

Tyres: 1 3/4" Schwalbe tyres.

Mudguards: Lightweight chromoplastic front guard.

Pedals: Non-slip with toe clips and straps.

Other Features: Quick-release saddle height adjustment, fully enclosed protective chaincase, short 150mm cranks, wide saddle, supportive steering stop.

Inside leg length:

15" Frame suits: 25.5 - 32.5" inside leg

17" Frame suits: 27.5 - 35.5" inside leg



1.Robust tricycle frame with stable and upright riding position, with folding frame: An easy to mount/dismount frame with comfortable upright riding position that allows you a good view of other road users and the scenery, and the added bonus of encouraging a healthy posture. Its folding frame is a useful feature to reduce overall length where storage or transport space is at a premium (approximate dimensions when folded: W=80cm, L=100cm, H= 68cm (17" frame) or 63cm (15" frame), with saddle removed). The frame is hand-built with an attention to detail that only a frame crafted by hand can possess.

2.Secure parking brake: with an easily accessible activation button on the brake lever, it keeps the tricycle stationary when parked so you don't need to worry about it rolling away!

3.Supportive steering stop: tricycles are sensitive to large steering angles, so this simple device avoids over-rotation of the front fork, increasing stability.

4.Low maintenance front hub brake: enclosed and sealed from all weathers, hub brakes  are long-lasting and robust and provide excellent stopping power come rain or shine.

5.Non-slip pedals with toe clips and straps: to keep feet securely in place when pedalling, helping to transfer your pedal-power more efficiently.

6.Tyres with puncture protection: With a tyre tread profile that offers good grip and quiet running. Also featuring  an effective puncture protection belt made of natural rubber.

7.High-comfort padded saddle: with elastomer springs to help cushion impacts.

8.Quick-release seatpost: Allows saddle height to be adjusted and secured with ease and without the need for tools.

9.Short 150mm cranks: Shortened cranks (standard cranks are 170mm) give a more natural pedalling action for shorter riders or those with restricted leg movement. Appropriately, the set comes with a smaller chainwheel, so it also lowers the gear range. Full-length cranks can be fitted at a later date if necessary.

10.Fully-enclosed protective chain case: protects you from greasy oil marks and helps to reduce wear on the sheltered chain and components from grit and water.

11.Single, low fixed gear where cycling stability is more important than top speed: An effective gear system where ease of pedalling is more important than speed, with the gear range lowered by a third.


About Pashley

Pashley Cycles are England's longest established bicycle manufacturer. Founded in 1926 and based in Stratford-upon-Avon, A dedicated team design and hand-build a unique range of specialist bicycles and tricycles. Pashley cycles make bikes for men and women. These gorgeous looking masterpieces are a true british classic. These days the Pashley bikes are very much on trend, they manage to mary vintage and modern, perfectly. The Pashley bikes come in various styles, colours, and different frame sizes. The Pashley Bicycle Company only use quality components on all their bikes.

About Ridelow

Here at Ridelow we always have a range of Pashley Bikes in stock, both on-line and in our Manchester Bikes shop. We are proud authorised dealers of Pashley bikes and you can always call our friendly team for more advice on Pashley Cycles. We can help you choose the right frame size and Pashley Bike for your needs.

We promise all our customers the best deal available on Pashley Bikes. We have been selling Pashley Bikes for a long time and have many satisfied customers all over the world. Pashley Bikes are proving a popular choice for women when buying a tax free bike on the Cyclescheme and other tax saving cycle 2 work schemes.

Best Price Guarantee

At Ridelow we aim not only to match but beat any other price found on line for the same item as long as the item is in stock. Not only will we match the price of any items, but we will beat that price and a little extra. Now that has to be a real incentive for you to shop with Ridelow, the friendly people to do business with. We know it may not be the best of times for most of us, but here at Ridelow we will do that little bit extra to help you make the right choice.

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Why choose a Pashley cycle?

Pashley bicycles and tricycles are manufactured by skilled craftsmen, who use traditional methods to create work of the highest standard. Our designs focus on comfort, strength and durability; it is not in our ethos to produce fragile frames or specify complex, delicate components unnecessarily. We also believe that cycles should be a pleasure to use, and practical enough to integrate smoothly with everyday life. A Pashley cycle allows its rider to sit up comfortably, enjoying the view while any bags or shopping are carried safely and easily. In addition, Pashley is committed to UK manufacture and all the benefits this brings to customers, suppliers and dealers, and to our own employees.

Why do Pashley make bicycle frames from steel?

Although steel is sometimes regarded as ‘old-fashioned’, it is actually an excellent material for building bicycle frames. High tensile steels have far greater ultimate strength and stiffness values than aluminium alloy or titanium alloy; in fact, some modern steels have higher strength-to-weight ratios than aluminium and titanium. Steel responds well in fatigue conditions, and is able to withstand the repeated stress typically placed on a bicycle frame much more effectively than aluminium. If scratched or subject to minor impacts, steel is also fairly ‘forgiving’, in contrast to highly notch-sensitive carbon-fibre materials, which are more likely to fail following minor damage. Used intelligently, steel can be used to build great frames for all cycling disciplines. Specifically, a steel cycle frame can impart a better ‘feel’ and ride comfort than its aluminium equivalent.

Why do Pashley use hub gears for many of their cycles?

Hub gears may seem unusual in a world dominated by derailleur gears, but it is actually a very efficient system with a number of unique benefits. Unlike derailleurs (where the gear sprockets are exposed), all the mechanisms of hub gears are enclosed in a weather-resistant alloy shell, ensuring consistent reliability in all conditions. This also means that the gearing is not affected by the mud and grime thrown up from the road, which in turn means less maintenance is required than with an external derailleur system that can get clogged up over time. In addition, one little-known benefit of hub gears is the ability to change gear without pedalling. For instance, you can change into a lower gear whilst sat at a red light, without worrying about damaging the gears or having your chain come off. Hub gears are therefore ideal for town and country riding, allowing you to tackle all manner of terrain.

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Edition Standard
Bike Type Folding Bike
Brand Pashley
Frame Sizes 15" or 17"
Gender Unisex
Wheel Size 20-inch Wheel
Year 2022
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