Buying a bike for somebody or receiving a bike for a Christmas present is so special.

You just can’t wait for your first ride out on your new bike.You can just imagine the feeling accompanying your child on a brisk cool happy Christmas morning walk and ride around your local park or even up and down the drive way.

Perhaps you just can wait to start burning up those calories on your new mountain bike before sitting down for gut busting tasty Christmas dinner and who could blame you all is possible with the magic of Christmas Day.

What happens if your new bike is not quite right or perhaps your partner chose the wrong bike for you? Well here is a good tip...

Make sure you keep the packaging and try not to scratch the bike, it can easily happen. Most good bicycle sellers will allow you to return the bike even if it has been on a little ride as long as it does not have any cosmetic damage.

It is difficult for a child to let go of a new bicycle even if you think maybe it’s not just perfect. We strongly advise with a child to take a little trip around bike stores and allow your child to sit on the bike and have a test ride. You find that children will not necessarily pick the most expensive bicycle or the one that makes sense to you. They could choose a bicycle simply because they can operate the bell easily or it has their favourite character on it or even because it has tassels on the handle bar grips. Unfortunately it’s not something we can help you with it’s something between you and your child. Although you should always ask "...what if" ro the bicycle seller online or in store.

One last word before we leave you .....We wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope Santa delivers the bicycle of your dreams for the festive season. Receiving a bicycle always becomes part of our history and remains vivid with you throughout life.

Merry Christmas to you all.
And remember all I want for Christmas is to ride my new bike on Christmas morning.
Ride with Love