When it comes to choosing a bike. women are better at making a decision which bike to buy.

When women buy a bike they usually know the style of bike that will suit their riding.

Women buy a bike they like rather than what their peers like. Unlike men, they will sometimes make the wrong choice as I found out myself. Ibought a mountain bike that looks great and I thought I looked cool. The reality of it was that I spent more time on my mountain bike on the roads and urban riding rather than country trails. I'm often peddling hard and women and men seemed to glide past me with ease on their road bikes. I don't mind because the competition is with myself only. You have time to think and assess life when you are riding your bike and I love this aspect of cycling. 

I love my mountain bike and I do hit the hills and tear up parks and trails whenever I can. In fact I have been doing a lot more off roading in the winter weather purely because I like the elements and the mud or kid myself I am a real hard core mountain biker but hey ho!!! I enjoy it all the same. I probably do need a second bike I've not decided if I am going for a road bike or hybrid. This can be confusing making a choice especially for men. 

What about a commuter bike or an urban bike. What is the difference between these bikes and what about hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. I'm getting confused writing this stuff now. Hope I can explain without you switching off and that I am not  just adding to the confusion in choosing the right bicycle. Oh also I nearly forgot the city bike.

Just let me re-cap 

So Urban Bike, Commuter bike, and City Bike as opposed to the more commonly named Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Hybrid Bikes.

In my opinion Urban, Commuter, City Bikes don't really have a specific category in cycling it's more a generic term and buzz word to get people to react or tune into the rider's mindset and sell them something that they are looking for or perhaps are going to tap into the Google search bar.

I would say however that perhaps some riders have an image in mind when they are searching for a new City Bike. This is somewhere in-between a hybrid and cruiser bike. It is not a road bike which has drop-bar-racing handlebars. It's a sit up and beg style bike, a classic traditional bike with a cycling position giving the rider an upright position without having to break your bike tearing up the city roads or country lanes. Still confused call us maybe we will be able to explain better than we write about cycling choices. Ridelow Team 0161 834 5788