Are you thinking what's the right size bike for you child?

Here are some useful tips.

At 2 years of age you can start your child on a balance bike (no pedals). This will gain their confidence as balancing can be a little tricky at the beginning, so be sure to start them off on soft ground. Be patient as it can take time but eventually they will be off and you will probably struggle to catch up. Always keep your child away from traffic for two very good reasons, specifically that there are enough careless drivers on the roads these days and your child could easily make the wrong move. Sorry to have to tell you this, because you are probably saying to yourselves that you are fully aware of the dangers and you will be attentive and visually checking them all of the time.

As children come in different sizes for their age just like adults, bicycle brands will normally refer to the wheel size of the bike, not the frame size as is the case with adults.

Here is a little bike sizing guide for children.

14"  bike wheels for 3/4 yr olds 

16" bike  wheels for 4 year olds 

 20" bike wheels for large 4 year olds and above.

On the smaller kids bikes,they often come with stabilisers which are removable as and when your child is ready.

On a 24" inch bike wheels your child is now a junior cyclists. Probably nearing the age of 7 yrs.

We always recommend your child sits on the bike first to test for size. It might be a good tip to ask the cycle mechanic to raise the handlebars and the seat to see how high they adjust so your child can ride into the future and they won't growout of the bike at the speed they do with their wardrobe. 

Aww......... at Ridelow bikes we are all big romantics at heart. We like to leave you with this memory.

Choosing your child's bike will still be one of life's great memories. The smile and endless fun, the liberty and their real sense of freedom is timeless fun, love and history. It's very moving...x