Innocent 22, beautiful people, beautiful lives out for a night to remember that will now not be forgotten for millions. As a Mancunian i feel compelled to write about the horrific attack and what their families and loved ones will be suffering with the loss and pain for ever more.

We keep hearing that we have to carry on as normal. We all have to and we will do but how can those families who have suffered this extreme grief and loss "carry on as normal" ?

President Trump rightly described the deaths as innocent beautiful people beautiful lives.

This to me translated and resonated with me that most of us indeed are going about our everyday lives with our own dreamsand caring for our fellow man in this life. 

Some people want to destroy the way we live in the UK for their distorted teachings or beliefs or distorted minds.

How can you teach somebody who  has convinced themselves in their mind they are doing good.

It's as hard to teach a lifelong Manchester United Fan to start supporting Liverpool FC or vice versa or a heroin addict to put his drugs down and drink herbal tea. Or even a gang member to leave his gang and join a rival gang.

Quite simply, you can't. It's something that the person has to decide. We have sex education so that we know the dangers of drugs and guns. There will still be child pregnancies and drugs and gangs.

There will always be evil people who commit sickening crimes that defy being human.

It's all for personal gratification with total disregard to others. Psychopaths, narcissists,all have something in common. These people they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

It has been driven by the world we live in today from people who believe they are superior to others and their lives and desires are more important. Greed, ego brainwashed evil souls who think they are the victim and the other beautiful people with beautiful lives are at fault.

All we can do is prey for peace and a world of harmony. God willing one day maybe not in our life time this can happen.

Love is the answer. Only love and selflessness will win. Life shouldn't be all about money and more money and I'm better than you look at me.

It should be loving and caring for all. God bless us all and those less fortunate and give strength to the families who lost their dear loved ones in Manchesters most horrific crime.

Love from