Pashley Tube RiderThe Pashley Tube Rider is probably not an obvious choice when choosing a Pashley bike or the bike that conjures the spirit of a Pashley bike in your imagination. The Pashley Tube Rider is probably the unsung hero. This bike is a unisex bike with different colour options. The Pashley Tube is easy and fun to ride......a great recreational bike, ideal for a short commute or that leisurely cruise. 

As cruiser bikes go this beautiful Pashley is always missed. Cruiser bike fans often think of a Californian style cruiser bike that is more 'in your face'. This is Pashley, and this quintessentially British bike company do bikes in a very British elegant way and full of charm. With the Pashley Tube Rider you will be buying a light weight hand built cruiser bike with quality components. Also remember Pashley bikes hold their prices more than most other bike brands. 

Our summary is don't be fooled If you are in the market for a cruiser bike by overlooking the Pashley Tube Rider.

Ridelow x