The bike that comes with a boring Dad story.

Hands up those that had a Raleigh chopper bike first time hands up those who had a funny hair cut and flares and a Raleigh chopper. You may have looked cool and been the envy of other kids but that is fashion that you certainly wont wear again on a bike.. Fashion and bikes have evolved a little since then. 

The all new Raleigh chopper still looks pretty similar to the original version but now it's a lot safer and of course features a more modern bike specification. 

You can recreate bicycle history once more, give your loved ones a Raleigh chopper bike or be a big softie and get a new Raleigh Chopper because you missed out the first time round.

Sorry if this sounds a little sexist, we are under instructions not to sell these bikes to men with funny hair cuts and flares. Girls you are not on that list because you can still pull that look off....