Pashley BasketLadies... if you are still pondering which Traditional style women's bike to opt for the why not let Ridelow give you a tip.

Pashley cycles have been making hand-built quality women's bikes since before you were born.

These beautiful ladies classic bikes still mange to look great even today. If Pashley women's bikes are within your budget then don't hesitate to purchase one. You will enjoy the ride as much as the look and we recommend a Pashley bike basket to complete the look. Pashley bikes also maintain their price better than most other bike manufacturers. If you think some of the Pashley women's bikes are a little too granny for you check out the Pashley Poppy which is available in some great pastel colours.

Any advice needed just give us a call at Ridelow bikes on 0161 834 5788... Pashley bikes are hand built to order so you may have to wait a little longer to receive your new Pashley if we don't have one in store for you.